What can we do for you?

An out-of-the-box installation of Visallo is just the start of what you can do. Our professional services team has helped numerous customers develop customizations and integrations of Visallo to meet organization-specific needs. We can help you too!

Some of the most common professional services tasks we help customers with include:

  • Data model (ontology) development
  • Organization-specific dataset integration
  • Business-specific analytics/processing
  • Custom UI visualizations
  • Authentication and authorization system integration

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Why Visallo?

Visallo is the most open and scalable web-based platform for investigative data analysis. Investigators finally have a tool to help them uncover critical insights hidden in data with easy-to-use visualizations and algorithms they can get started with today.

Finds Critical Hidden Connections

Most Secure Graph Database Anywhere

Scales to Billions of Entities

Organization-wide Collaboration

Extensible to Meet Your Mission

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