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Law Enforcement

Learn how Visallo software helps crime analysts make sure they don’t miss important insights, produce more thorough and defensible conclusions, and ultimately become more accomplished investigators able to tackle the toughest cases.

Learn the Visallo Basics

Skip the manual and try these short videos. They'll have you taming your investigative data with Visallo in no time.

How to find things quickly with a basic filtered search

You can find things quickly with Visallo's basic search box. Narrow your results by applying a series of filters and sort by any combination of properties. Everything you'd expect in a quick, simple search is here.

How to discover the hidden connections in your data with basic graph operations

Your data is filled with connections you probably don't even know about because they're hard to discover and visualize. Visallo's graph will help you understand your investigation data in a way you never could before.

How to organize your analysis for quick viewing on a dashboard

Use Visallo's dashboard to keep yourself up to date on fast moving information at a glance. Create a customized dashboard for every case to summarize the most important information or analysis to help you stay on top of your investigation.

How to quickly discover possible connections between entities

The find path operation in Visallo will help you discover hidden connections between, people, organizations, places, or anything really. With a couple of clicks, you'll be able to find all the possible connections between two different entities.

How to get some quick insights into the characteristics of a data collection

Use Visallo's selection histograms to get a quick summary of the properties of a data selection with date ranges, time spans, sums, averages, and other statistics calculated on the fly. Drill in on any statistic to take it a level deeper.

How to visualize the time and date aspects of your data

The timeline visualization is a great way to see how the events in your case sequence chronologically. You can toggle which dates show up in the timeline, zoom to different time intervals, and make time window selections to focus on specific time periods.

How to share and collaborate on your cases in real time

Sharing your investigation with others is a snap with Visallo. Limit collaborators to the level of access they require (read, edit, comment) and see the changes made by everyone as they happen. There's no bugging co-workers for the latest update. It's all live in Visallo.

How to discover hard-to-find relationships using similar, common, and related searches

Use Visallo's advanced search features for more ways to uncover those hard-to-find relationships. Searching related connections, searching common connections, and searching for textually similar data are always a right-click away.

Understand the fine-grained security capabilities that protect your data

Visallo takes security very seriously and has the strictest access control model we could think to build. Restrict access at the individual entity, relationship, or property level to satisfy the most stringent security requirements.