facebook pixel image Enhance and Manage Law Enforcement Investigations with Visallo

Visallo for Law Enforcement

Law enforcement responsibilities continue to expand at a time when public scrutiny has never been greater. Now more than ever, law enforcement agencies are focusing more resources on proactive policing efforts, but the critical data they need remains scattered across numerous systems. Visallo software can help aggregate disparate data sources and provide a single interface to both find data and conduct investigations.

Access all your investigation data in one system

Law enforcement data is often scattered among multiple databases and file shares with no easy way to search and retrieve information. With Visallo, you can integrate those data sources and provide a single interface for investigators to find the data they need for their investigations.

Manage your cases in a single collaborative environment

Accessing data and conducting investigations in separate systems is a waste of an investigator’s valuable time. Visallo’s software platform provides an environment where investigators can find data and conduct investigations collaboratively, within a single system.

Extract valuable information from disparate data sources

Not only is law enforcement data scattered across multiple systems, it’s stored in a variety of formats. Visallo’s multi-media metadata extraction and indexing will help investigators extract valuable information from a wide variety of formats and sources.

Visallo can help

Visallo’s data integration capabilities will help you find connections across disparate data sources that you couldn’t find before. Use Visallo’s graph visualization, advanced path finding, and multi-media searching software to search and access all your data in one place.