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Visallo for Intelligence Analysis

Supporting the war-fighter in theater with actionable information. Sorting through a cache of seized assets to expose details of criminal activity. Uncovering key connections in a sea of call logs to prevent the next terror attack. Intelligence analysts are tasked with some of the most critical missions in the most challenging environments.

Extract valuable intelligence from disparate data sources

The days of analyzing fixed feeds of clandestine intelligence are long gone. Today’s analyst needs to scrutinize data of all types from all sources. Structured data from organizational systems and unstructured data like documents, photos, or videos are all important assets. Visallo’s multi-media metadata extraction and indexing software will help analysts draw out valuable information from a wide variety of formats and sources.

Contribute to your organization’s collective analytic intelligence

Rigorous intelligence analysis doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a culmination of countless hours of detailed work and collaboration. Don’t let it go to waste. Visallo allows analysts to collaborate on and perfect their theories and analysis in a private case and publish it to the rest of the organization whenever they’re ready.

Rest assured that your most sensitive data is protected

Protecting sources and methods is critical to the success of any intelligence organization. Don’t trust it to a product created for other industries only to later be adapted to the intelligence mission. Visallo was designed from the beginning to support the most stringent, fine-grained access control requirements.

Visallo can help

Visallo was originally conceived as a platform for intelligence analysis. Uncover the most sophisticated networks using a combination of analytics, search, and visualization tools. Find connections between people you never could before using Visallo’s graph visualization, advanced path finding, and data clustering software. And with Visallo’s fine-grained access control, you never need to worry about someone seeing information they shouldn’t.