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Visallo for Insurance Fraud Detection & Prevention

The amount of data generated from insurance claims is extraordinary. From the information about the parties involved to the photos of the incident, there’s a lot of varied data to manage. Visallo software will help you find the connections hiding in your data.

Detect fraudulent claims early

There’s no shortage of clever fraudsters looking to make an easy buck and it’s often challenging to spot the fraudulent claim in a sea of legitimate ones. Detecting the home-owner that purposefully burns their house down for the money or the doctor that charges the insurance company for tests that were never run is no easy feat. Visallo can help you analyze your claim data and surface the right information to your SIUs or adjusters so they always have the most up-to-date analysis of all your insurance data.

Find fraud rings in your existing data

Many times insurance fraud is not committed by a single entity, but by a group of people. An entire auto repair shop can systematically overcharge for repairs or a doctor can collaborate with his/her friends to file false medical insurance claims. Fight back with Visallo to easily explore the connections between entities in your data.

Visallo can help

Visallo can help you uncover many difficult types of fraud buried in your insurance data. By using its graph visualization, advanced search, and analytics software, you’ll have the capability to understand and find connections in your data that you never could before. Visallo pays for itself by detecting fraud early, reducing the amount of time spent on false claims and inflated payouts.