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Visallo for Financial Fraud Detection & Prevention

As financial markets expand, so too does the volume and complexity of data. Amid this complexity arises a myriad of opportunities and avenues for fraudulent behavior. Visallo can help you find fraud in places you never thought to look.

Stop losing so much money to fraud

Is your company losing more and more money to fraud each year? Financial fraud is nothing new, but finding it buried in the massive amounts of legitimate transactions in today’s big data world is certainly more challenging. Is your data spread across multiple systems with no easy way to integrate it, making fraud detection even more difficult? Visallo can help.

Increase customer confidence

Fraud impacts more than just your bottom line. It also impacts the confidence your customers and potential customers have in your business. Nobody likes dealing with fraud, especially when it results in identity theft. Not all fraud can be stopped, but uncovering it sooner can mean the difference between an inconvenienced customer and a devastated one. Visallo can help.

Prevent embarrassing credit card declines

Sometimes the problem isn’t missing fraudulent behavior, it’s misinterpreting legitimate transactions for fraudulent ones. Nobody likes having a credit card denied while out with friends for a night on the town or paying for an oil change. Do this one too many times to a customer and you’ve lost them. Visallo can help.

Visallo can help

Visallo can help you uncover the most difficult instances of fraud using a combination of analytics, search, and visualization software. Find connections between people and transactions you never could before using Visallo’s graph visualization, advanced path finding, and data clustering capabilities. The connections and patterns you find using Visallo can also enhance the fraud detection algorithms in your transaction processing systems. Visallo will pay for itself by helping you root out fraud in your financial data.