Use Visallo for Your Investigation

Whether you're an intelligence analyst, law enforcement detective, or fraud investigator, we all want to finish investigations faster without sacrificing accuracy or completeness. Visallo helps you do just that. Our link analysis, maps, timelines, charts, histograms, entity extraction, multimedia processing and more can drive the investigative efficiency you need.

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Intelligence Analysis

From supporting the war-fighter to working to prevent the next terror attack, intelligence analysts are tasked with some of the most critical missions in the most challenging environments. See More

Law Enforcement

Growing enforcement responsibilities in an environment of increased public scrutiny is requiring law enforcement agencies to focus on proactive policing efforts. See More

Financial Fraud Detection

As financial markets expand, so too does the volume and complexity of data. Amid this complexity arises a myriad of opportunities and avenues for fraudulent behavior. See More

Insurance Fraud Investigation

The amount of data generated from insurance claims is extraordinary. From the information about the parties involved to the photos of the incident, there's a lot of varied data to manage. See More