Visallo Training

We’re committed to providing a variety of training options to help our customers become productive with Visallo in a minimum amount of time. Our courses are run at your location for groups of 5 to 20 students at a time, depending on the course. We’re happy to discuss other options if you don’t see exactly what you need from our standard courses below.

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Quickstart Training

Our Quickstart course is a one day offering covering the basics of what every analyst or investigator needs to know to get started quickly, hence the course name.

This one day course for 5-10 students will cover

  • Running basic searches and saving them
  • Exploring data using the graph tool
  • Navigating the Inspectors
  • Plotting geographic information on the map tool
  • Tagging source data
  • Creating new entities, relationships, and properties
  • Dealing with edits in the change panel
  • Collaborating with other analysts or investigators
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