Technology Designed for Investigation

We recognize that the best investigative analysis continues to be done by people. We’re still better than computers at making analytical judgements in ambiguous situations, but can’t handle the massive amounts of data we’re accumulating. That’s where Visallo comes in, helping people leverage huge quantities of data using investigative analytics and rich data visualizations.

Finds things you never could before

Visallo’s unique indexing architecture allows you to find all types of media. You’ll be able to search for images, photos, and other non-text data just like you do for documents today. Your videos, audio files and images will never get lost again.

Full-Text Search

Visallo extracts content from documents, images, videos and many other content types, making them easily searchable. Integrate custom analytics to extract text from any format.
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Property Filters

Narrow searches with filters, for example: all photos taken in the last three days that have a geolocation.
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Search Related

Search around relationships of an entity, including similar items or entities in common
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Saved Searches

Reuse searches for later execution and optionally, display the results on the Dashboard.
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Exposes relationships you never knew about

Graph visualization is at the core of Visallo's user interface. Organize data through a rich set of layout options, experiment with what-if scenarios in the confines of a private sandbox, and find connections within your data that you didn’t even know existed.


Graph visualizations are the ideal display for understanding data and the relationships among things in the real world.
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Let Visallo extract geographic information from your data and show it to you on map.


Combine multiple visualizations into a perfect landing page that works for you.
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Selection Histogram

Select multiple entities to generate automatic histograms of their properties and easily drill down for more detail.
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Display all the temporal data in your workspace within a histogram to find outliers or drill down using time.
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Find Path

Find deep connections between any two pieces of data within seconds while using the graph to visualize them.
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Promotes faster collaborative work

Real-time collaboration is built into the core of Visallo. Your data is organized into cases and easily shared with coworkers where everyone sees updates as they happen. It’s collaborative editing for teams of investigators, analysts, and their managers.

Live Updates

All changes to the system are sent to connected users to keep their view fresh.
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Case Sharing

You can choose to share your case to any number of users with appropriate privileges. All changes to the graph or properties are immediately visible to everyone who is connected.
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All changes inside a case are in a draft state until a user with appropriate access publishes those changes for other users to see.


Add comments to entities and relationships to keep notes or ask questions right alongside the content.

Keeps everything secure, really secure

A fine-grained access control model allows you to restrict any data property or relationship individually, ensuring that no one sees something they shouldn’t. Even when sharing cases, Visallo ensures that everyone sees only the data they’re authorized to see.

Property-Level Security

Security labels can be applied as fine-grained as needed, either at the entity, relationship, or property level.
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Workspace Sharing

Sharing a workspace will only give access to entities or properties that those users have access to.
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Visallo in Action

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Deploy It Your Way

Private Cloud

Managed by Visallo

Let us setup and maintain an instance of Visallo in a private cloud dedicated to your organization.


Powered by Docker

Run Visallo on your own on-premise hardware or cloud infrastructure using our Docker images.

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