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Collaborative data visualization software that’s easy to use

Visallo uses machine learning algorithms for investigative link analysis, data discovery, analytics, and geospatial analysis to make your Investigations more effective.

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Why Visallo

Key Benefits

  • Visualize complex relationships within vast amounts of data
  • Avoid missing important non-obvious insights during investigations
  • Produce more accurate, thorough, and defensible conclusions
  • Competently tackle the toughest cases.
  • Augment intuition with data-driven insights

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Key Features

Link and Geospatial Analysis

  • Discover complex hidden connections in massive amounts of data
  • Work faster and achieve better situational awareness with powerful visualizations
  • Gain geographic insight into your data with street maps, satellite imagery, heatmaps, and more

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Granular Security and Flexible Deployment Options

  • Protect your data at the highest granularity
  • Find the right solution for your organization with three tiers of functionality and multiple deployment options

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Custom Dashboards

  • Gain at-a-glance situational awareness and actionable insights with a collection of visualizations
  • Adapt your view to specific mission needs and organizational role

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Powerful Collaboration Tools

  • Expand insights across investigative teams with real-time collaboration
  • Reach more rigorous conclusions through peer review
  • Stay on top of your cases with real-time alerts when new data is added