facebook pixel image What Can Your Company Do with Visallo Data Insights?

What Can Your Company Do with Visallo Data Insights?

We know that it takes human reasoning to thoroughly evaluate data and put it to work, but we also understand that it can be overwhelming and impractical to work with and make sense of large data sets. That’s why we developed Visallo. Our solutions make it easier for real people to find actionable insights within big data.

Here are several ways our team and our products can help your company solve your data woes.

Figure out what your unique needs are. In many cases, our customers come to us knowing that they have a problem. There’s a lack of efficiency, an inability to process such a large volume of information, or a need to speed up the process to make faster decisions (a common problem for businesses and government agencies alike). The Visallo team can help you determine exactly what sort of solution will solve that problem.

Stop playing hide and seek with your data. Our solutions don’t just make sense of text data. They work with images, photos, audio files, videos, and other non-text components to create a full picture from your big data files.

Collaborate in real-time. Visallo is made for large enterprises and organizations. We know that there are multiple people working on your projects – and working with your data. That’s why we make collaboration as easy as possible, allowing multiple users to edit and interact with your information with live updates that all parties can see.

Expose insights and opportunities. Our graph visualization technology helps make connections between data entities, predict and experiment with your data, and draw out important facts that are easily missed or ignored by the human eye. We go beyond organization to create real insights from your source documents.

Develop custom solutions. We don’t sell one-size-fits-all software. Visallo is built for complete customization so that we can tackle your data challenges in the most meaningful ways. Our fully-integrated solutions work with your existing platforms to answer questions and solve problems specific to your organization.

See more, know more, and do more. Whether you need to increase efficiency (who doesn’t?), discover connections, or collaborate over big data in a user-friendly environment, we can help.

Request a demo today to get a feel for our big data capabilities. We can’t wait to show you what we can do!