facebook pixel image Introducing Visallo 4.4 with Enhanced Usability and API Functionality

Introducing Visallo 4.4 with Enhanced Usability and API Functionality

This week, the Visallo team deployed Visallo Release 4.4. The new release makes getting started with the platform easier than ever with a host of new usability improvements, API enhancements, and integration options. Read on for details of what you’ll get with the new release:

Sample Cases

Sample cases allow an administrator to mark any existing case that they have access to as a sample. Once marked as a sample, a copy will be made to all new user accounts from that point forward. You can use sample cases to help your organization’s new Visallo users get started quickly by showing them great examples of analysis and organization.

Onboarding Tutorials

Onboarding tutorials are short tips and demonstrations that provide new users with essential information for getting started with Visallo quickly. They will appear throughout the application at relevant times, for example, when a user first encounters a feature they haven’t used before. Users can always get back to the tips through the Help menu.

Onboarding tutorial

Like sample cases, onboarding tutorials make it quicker and easier to introduce new users to the Visallo platform.

Relationship Filtering

Large, highly-connected graphs can quickly become visually overwhelming. The new relationship filtering feature provides a quick way to toggle certain relationships on and off so you can focus on the most important connections.

In this example above, you could narrow your graph to only show entities with the relationship “Produced.” In a graph with hundreds or thousands of nodes and edges, this allows you to focus on what’s really important to your investigation.

Graph Performance Improvements for High-DPI Displays

Link charts on previous versions of Visallo would noticeably slow down when used on large, high-DPI external displays, negating the benefit of the extra screen real-estate. Visallo 4.4 solves this issue by significantly speeding up the performance - so go ahead, take a look at your extra-large graph on that giant monitor you have and let us know what you think!

GraphQL API Enhancements

With this new release, the functionality of Visallo’s GraphQL remote API has been greatly expanded. You can now use the API to search, edit, and delete entities and relationships in addition to creating them.

Application-Level API Tokens

One of the strengths of Visallo is the ability to integrate and visualize the connections between disparate data sources. Many of those integrations with other systems are persistent, run continuously, and aren’t necessarily associated with a user of Visallo. Since all API tokens were previously tied to a single user account, suspending or removing that user account would have stopped all integrations using an associated token.

With Visallo 4.4, administrators can now generate long-lived API tokens disassociated from users so that such a situation never occurs.

OpenID Connect (OIDC) Authentication

Visallo already provides a wide variety of authentication options, including internally managed usernames and passwords, LDAP integration, X.509 authentication, and SAML 2.0. Now we’ve added OpenID Connect (OIDC) to the mix, giving organizations another popular way to integrate Visallo with their in-house authentication infrastructure.

Questions about the new release or interested in learning more? We’d love to hear from you. Set up a time to talk with our team.