facebook pixel image Visallo 4.0 is bringing big Performance, Geospatial, and Link Analysis Improvements

Visallo 4.0 is bringing big Performance, Geospatial, and Link Analysis Improvements

Visallo 4.0 is almost ready to go and we couldn’t be more excited about it. The team has put in a tremendous amount of work to deliver a first-class investigative platform with a ton of new functionality to help analysts discover new insights and effectively communicate them.

Visallo releases version 4

Over the next few weeks I’ll be describing the major updates in detail, but until then, here’s a quick preview of what’s to come.

  • Dynamic Ontology - Data modeling is incredibly challenging, especially in today’s modern business climate of continuous change, yet it’s critical to effective analysis. Thankfully, Visallo can adapt to any data model, but until now changing it was an administrative task. Beginning with 4.0, Visallo users can modify the ontology themselves – on the fly. Don’t see an entity type you need? Go ahead and add it. Need a property the authors of the data model didn’t foresee? Create it on the spot. Organizations worried about their ontology getting out of hand will be happy to know there’s a set of privileges guarding the process.
  • Graph and Map Formatting - In order to help investigators better organize and communicate their analysis, we’ve added a whole host of formatting options for entities and relationships on a graph (aka link chart) or map. You can change shape, size, color, border stroke, and opacity directly or according to a set of rules you define.
  • Graph and Map Annotations - Investigators get a whole new set of drawing tools to add annotations to their graphs and maps. Draw shapes, callouts, arrows, and more using the new annotations features of Visallo 4.0.
  • Entity Collapsing - Graphs (aka link charts) often get really large, making it hard to understand what you’re looking at. To deal with the complexity of overcrowded graphs, Visallo 4.0 allows you to collapse a selection of entities into a single node.
  • Rewritten Entity Resolution - Entity resolution, sometimes know as linking or tagging, has been completely rewritten. It now gracefully handles complete and partial overlaps at a theoretically unlimited depth. Trust us on this one, it’s a lot better.
  • Performance Improvements - A lot of work has been put into making load times of entities with thousands of properties considerably faster. Large graphs now load much more quickly. And search indexes have been reduced by 20% on average.
  • SAML2 Single Sign-on - You can now integrate Visallo with your organization’s SAML2 (Security Assertion Markup Language 2.0) compliant identity provider for single sign-on, simplifying the deployment in enterprise environments.