facebook pixel image Visallo 4.1: Map Layers, Heatmaps, and a New API

Visallo 4.1: Map Layers, Heatmaps, and a New API

The next major release of Visallo is now available. Version 4.1 includes big improvements to our mapping capabilities and a new remote API based on GraphQL.

Multiple Base Layer Support on Maps

Visallo has supported multiple, ordered map layers since version 4.0, but only a single base layer. The base layer provides the map tiles on top of which pins and annotations sit. Staring with this release, you can now configure Visallo to use multiple base layers, with the ability to quickly switch between them. The screenshot below shows how you would switch the base layer from a map to satellite view.

satellite view of map using map layers

But you’re not restricted to a single map or satellite layer - you can have as many of them as you’d like. You could configure a base layer for Open Street Maps maps, another for ESRI-based maps, a third for Bing satellite imagery, and a fourth for Mapbox satellite tiles. This allows you to mix and match tile providers to get the best coverage in the areas of the world you care about most.


Visallo’s mapping system now has the ability to display pins and pin clusters with a heatmap visualization. It’s just another layer that can be toggled on or off. In fact, you can display the heatmap visualization and the standard pin clusters at the same time if you want. The screenshot below displays a heatmap visualization of the same pins shown in the screenshot above.

Heat map view on Visallo map


We’ve completely re-written our remote API in version 4.1 using GraphQL. GraphQL is an evolution of the familiar REST style, but with a self-describing API and better network performance. Our GraphQL implementation within Visallo is particularly exciting as it will automatically adapt to changes in your ontology on-the-fly. We even bundle the popular GraphiQL client to help developers quickly explore Visallo’s API.

With GraphQL clients available in most popular programming languages, our new API should make integration with Visallo a lot faster and more productive.