facebook pixel image Visallo 2.0 Released

Visallo 2.0 Released

We are very pleased to announce Visallo 2.0. This release includes many bugs fixes and new features.

New Back End Features

SQL Back End with Fine Grain Access Control

In Visallo 2.0, we’ve incorporated fine grain access control into SQL so that you can lock down your data to the attribute level.

Performance Improvements for the Graph Property Workers

We’ve optimized the performance of Graph Property Workers with Visallo 2.0 which will allow quicker response time for live analysis of your data.

New UI Features


The Dashboard gives a user an overview of the data in the system by default. It is customizable per user as well as system wide.

Visallo Dashboard Screenshot

Graph Decorations

Graph Decorations allows you to style vertices with badges that can give you more insight into your data.

Graph Decorations Screenshot

Saved Search gives users an easy way for you to reuse your searches and allows you to share your search criteria globally.

These saved searches can then be used on the Dashboard to create custom visualizations with the result subset of the search.

Saved Searches Screenshot


Displays a temporal view of the data on the workspace.

Timeline Screenshot

Transition to React

Visallo is moving to React! We will start to transition legacy UI code as well as build all new components in React.

Front End Extension Points

In Visallo 2.0, we’ve added a lot of different extension points to our UI. You can find the list of front end extension points in our documentation.