facebook pixel image Three Key Industries that Need an Extensible Data Analytics Platform

Three Key Industries that Need an Extensible Data Analytics Platform

Most large corporations work with Big Data in one way or another, but some industries depend more on data analytics than others. In this article, we discuss three industries that cannot succeed without an extensible data analytics platform.

1. Financial institutions

Financial markets involve a staggering amount of data. The ability to manage this data, analyze it, and improve your company’s performance based on what you find is beyond human capability. Success is dependent on your ability to translate all the information you have into actionable insights using a comprehensive data analytics platform.

Extensible data analytics is a key solution for financial companies because of its ability to detect and prevent both fraudulent activity and false positives. Customers count on their banking institutions to alert them immediately and decline transactions that appear suspicious. At the same time, they count on your products to work when they need them, leaving little room for error or overzealous fraud detection.

Visallo’s financial analytics, search, and visualization tools give financial institutions the ability to offer protection when it’s needed and freedom when it isn’t.

2. Insurance companies

As mentioned above, fraud detection is a key capability of any good data analytics platform. Insurance companies are especially dependent on fraud prevention technology, as they handle a large volume of potentially fraudulent claims on a daily basis.

Visallo’s adaptable data analytics solution can be customized to integrate with your company’s other tools to fully visualize all claims and activity. From there, the platform will analyze the data in order to detect irregularities, missing pieces, and other warning signs that denote potentially fraudulent claims.

3. Intelligence

The intelligence community is charged with analyzing and understanding a massive volume of data at any given time. An extensible data analytics platform is a must for these organizations as they strive to visualize the people, places, and associations that represent threats to our national security.

Intelligence agencies must not only analyze their data but they must also use it to make fast and informed decisions. Visallo’s graph visualization tools amplify the skills of human analysts by making crucial data available to human operators in a fraction of the time it would take for an entire team to extract insights from a small set of documents.

When your company is drowning in data, you need Visallo. Contact us today for a free demo, and see how our custom solutions can help you visualize an end to your Big Data blues.