facebook pixel image Tabular Views of Data are Finally Here!

Tabular Views of Data are Finally Here!

With all the great ways to visualize data in Visallo, you may have assumed a table view was one of the first to be created. But fret no more, tabular views of your data are finally here. And they’re great.

You can now easily add a table card to one of your dashboards to view the results of any saved search. Searches returning multiple element types result in multiple tabs, one for each element type. The example below shows four such types: Address, City, Location, and Person.

Multi-concept Table View

As you might expect, the table comes loaded with customization options. You can select which columns to show/hide, re-order columns, resize columns, sort by any column, display multiple values in a single cell, and toggle the display of row numbers, with all your changes automatically saved across sessions.

Table Column Selection

If you’re paying attention to the screenshots above, you’ll notice there are no controls for paging. That’s because the table is designed with infinite scrolling with the ability to jump directly to any section of the results. Once you’ve found the rows you’re interested in, you can select as many as you’d like with standard multi-selection conventions.

Table Multi-selection

The new table is a great addition to the host of visualizations available in Visallo. We think we’ve created an incredibly useful component that’s anything but a standard table.