facebook pixel image Serving the Community Through Our Helping Hands

Serving the Community Through Our Helping Hands

We are passionate about developing Visallo, our software product for exploiting big data to make the world a safer place. And on a more local scale, we are passionate about helping our surrounding community and the people in it. In December, we took this basic idea and extended our desire to help others by collaborating with Cornerstones in Reston, VA, a nonprofit organization promoting self-sufficiency by providing support for those in need of food, shelter, and various other human services.


We boiled, baked, and browned all morning to serve 75+ hearty lunches to those less fortunate. The one thing we didn’t expect was how much we would personally gain from this experience, finding a rhythm in the kitchen among our V5 team, and ultimately serving and supporting those who live next door.

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Prepping 5 Food

Also in the spirit of the season, Visallo “adopted” 19 children from an area homeless shelter, to ensure they had gifts to open during the holidays. We find enormous gratification in knowing that the combination of our software and our volunteer work contributed to improving our community in 2016, and we look forward to what’s in store for 2017.