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Quiz - Do You Need Data-Driven Investigative Analysis Software?

The days of white boards and simple Excel sheets for conducting investigations and spotting fraud are over. Many of today’s investigations are too complex and involve too much data for analysts to effectively resolve without modern tools and software. This is where data-driven investigative analysis software like Visallo comes in – these new tools are using link analysis, geospatial visualizations and more to change the way we investigate and analyze complex data across many industries.

Screenshot of Visallo as used for insider threat investigations

Data-driven investigative analysis tools like Visallo, shown above, are indispensable for businesses and organizations that need to solve difficult analytical challenges by enabling analysts to understand and visualize complex data. Contact Us to chat with the Visallo team or Schedule a Demo.

Use Cases

What types of challenges is data-drive investigative analysis software best suited to solve? While nearly every organization in today’s world has some need for analyzing complex data and could benefit from a tool like Visallo, analysts in several industries in particular find link charts and other visualizations critical for connecting the dots in their data sets. Here are a few of the most common examples:

  1. Financial Fraud Investigations: Distinguishing fraudulent transactions from legitimate ones has become increasingly difficult as the amount of data available continues to grow. Link analysis tools help investigators flag potential fraudulent activity by allowing them to visualize the connections between people and transactions, making it easy to spot the anomalies. Patterns and connections identified using link analysis can also be used to enhance existing fraud detection algorithms.

  2. Insurance Fraud Investigations: Insurance companies need to parse through a number of data points to process a single claim. From receipts to photos to personal information, there’s a variety of data sources and formats to manage. The sheer amount of data makes it difficult to distinguish fraudulent claims from legitimate ones. Link analysis software helps insurance companies manage their claim data and flag potential fraud by surfacing connections and relationships between entities that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

  3. Anti-Counterfeiting: Like many organized crime operations, counterfeiters tend to be repeat offenders. It’s not uncommon to discover the same people and organizations involved in the counterfeiting of multiple goods over long periods of time. Global anti-counterfeiting teams use investigation software tools like Visallo to uncover these operations and to build a knowledge base of historical data and analysis to make their future investigations both faster and more thorough.

  4. National Security: One of the key ways national security agencies use link analysis is to root out terror networks. By integrating a variety of disparate data sources and leveraging network graph visualizations, analysts are able to detect and explore networks with an ease and speed that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

  5. Law Enforcement: Law enforcement detectives use link analysis in much the same way as intelligence analysts. The same capabilities that help intelligence analysts track terrorist networks is equally applicable for combating gangs and organized crime rings. By combining data from many sources, for example, arrest records, witness reports, license plate read data, gang affiliations and social media into a single system, analysts are able to see connections and relationships between entities that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to find.

  6. Anti-money laundering (AML): Money laundering is the process of introducing illegally obtained funds, or “dirty money,” into the global financial system. Once the dirty money is in the system, the origin of the funds is concealed through a series of complex and opaque transactions. Link analysis software assists anti-money laundering (AML) efforts by allowing analysts to follow the flow of funds between entities. Analysts are also able to visualize and make sense of complex organizational and governance structures.

  7. Cyber: Once a cyber attack has occurred, cyber analysts can use link analysis software to thoroughly investigate the attack, find key entry points, and prevent additional attacks by identifying other potentially malicious IP addresses common among the perpetrators.

Take the Quiz - Is Data-Driven Investigation Software Right for You?

  1. 1. Do your investigations or analytic problems involve a wide variety of data sources?
  2. 2. Are you looking for connections across your data?
  3. 3. Are simple line plots, bar charts, and pie charts falling short of meeting your needs?
  4. 4. Is your problem non-trivial or too complex for a simple query?
  5. 5. Have you found yourself frustrated by or outgrowing your spreadsheets and whiteboards?
  6. 6. Have you avoided tackling questions or projects that are too complex for your current tools?
  7. 7. Do your investigation projects involve a team effort or collaboration?
  8. 8. Is data security and access control a key concern?

Scoring your Quiz

If you answered yes to three or more of these questions, you have a lot to gain from trying out data-driven investigation tools like Visallo. Already using link analysis but ready to upgrade to more modern software? We’re here to help and would love to chat with you about your analytic needs. Set up a time to talk with us or reach out over email.

Yes, Link analysis software like Visallo transforms the way people interact with and understand their data. In a spreadsheet, data is organized in two dimensions—columns and rows—and users can efficiently sort, calculate, find, and even forecast. But with complex investigations, the problem quickly outgrows the solution. That’s where link analysis comes in.

Using the power of link analysis, simple rows, columns and cells can talk to each other. Data becomes more dynamic as it becomes possible to uncover and analyze connections and relationships between data points.

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