facebook pixel image How Can Link Analysis Help Your Organization?

How Can Link Analysis Help Your Organization?

Why Link analysis

Link analysis is the study of relationships and connections between entities. Entities can be anything, including groups, individuals, events or transactions. The goal of link analysis is to identify, quantify, and exploit those relationships for purposes as varied as maximizing sales, solving crimes, and even fighting wars.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial cog in the wheel of today’s online commerce. Search engines such as Google and Bing decide to look at the number of links a website has to other websites and use the number and quality of those links as a factor in deciding how to rank a web page in their results. Having many links may determine if the web page is even found by the search engine at all. By using link analysis, the person responsible for the web page can increase their website’s position in search engine results which will increase the traffic that the website will receive.

Law enforcement has a vast amount of digital data available to help prevent terrorist acts and solve crime. Possible sources for their data include emails, text messages, phone calls, social media activity, as well as many databases that have been developed through law enforcement initiatives. For example, if an individual is suspected of repeated criminal activities, the patterns of his or her actions, such as text messages, the people that they talk with, and even the number of cars parked in their driveway can all create relationships through which link analysis is possible. By analyzing the relationships that are created using Visallo, it may be possible to predict when another crime is about to be committed.

Even organizations and companies that, at first glance, do not seem to have a need for link analysis can benefit from the analytics that it can provide. Consider online retailers: through link analysis it may be possible to figure out that on a given day of the week, male customers aged 18 to 34 who buy Product A and Product B may also tend to buy Product C. By using link analysis to understand customer segments and their purchasing habits, retailers can increase their profits by marketing certain products to specific customer segments.

The basic idea behind doing link analysis is not new. The amount of processing power required to do big data analytics using link analysis makes the task difficult. However, Visallo’s unique approach to doing link analysis, pluggability, and analytics has completely changed the landscape and the capabilities that are available to your organization. Let Visallo help your organization discover new insights by contacting us.