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Connecting Through Charity

As the holiday season approaches and 2016 wraps up, we wish for our Visallo product customers, those who have supported us, and those have shown interest in our big data analytic platform, to know how valued they are. Beyond the basic thank you card, we’ve crafted a concept to thank these biggest supporters and “to celebrate the holidays, we gave your gift to someone else” sums up this idea.

We asked the Visallo core team what charitable organizations - local, domestic, or international - mean the most to them and their families. Along with their organization name, we asked for their story as to why this particular cause inspires them. We wanted to place more weight in our words - particularly our thank yous - by donating to each employee’s chosen organization in honor of the more than 70 individuals who have helped Visallo this year. In marrying our charitable beliefs with those who support our team, our hope is that someone we reach is inspired to do the same.

Below, we share with you the name of the organizations chosen, and why our Visallo employees think you should get to know them better.

“I support Warrior Canine Connection because they help recovering veterans by teaching them to train service dogs (mission based trauma recovery) for wounded fellow veterans. It’s a hand up, not a hand out. AND it’s local.” -Joey

“I support UNICEF and its efforts to deliver essential services to families and children affected by the long-standing conflict in Syria. UNICEF’s mission is very important to me and my family because it focuses on improving the living conditions of children around the world and provides them with a chance of a better future.” -Diego

“Every year my family rides in the Wisconsin MS150, a 150-mile cycling course over two days to benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. My mother-in-law has MS, which seems to be more prevalent in the midwest, and I want to use this opportunity to support her.” -Jason

“Education is a fundamental human right, and it’s important for all children worldwide to have access to desks where they can write and concentrate. Kids In Need of Desks (KIND) was launched by UNICEF and is doing just this. Additionally, the desks are built by workers in Africa, so there’s no middle man before distributing to local Malawi schools.” -Evan

“In honor of my mother-in-law, I support the Cancer Research Institute. Her five primary cancers spanning 30 years and the pain this disease has caused is beyond what any person should endure. I hope through research funding by organizations like the Cancer Research Institute we will one day see the end of human suffering at the hands of cancer.” -Jeff

“A Forever Home Rescue Foundation has been providing great homes for local dogs, including my own rescue dog, Teak.” -Joe

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital brings comfort and hope to families. By not only performing the research into cures for childhood cancer but also freely sharing their data with the world, they have helped raise the survival rate of childhood cancer to more than 80%.” -Matt

“For a child to suffer a burden that many adults couldn’t handle, I strongly believe we should do everything we can to help give them the courage to fight something out of their control, as well as provide the hope of something to live for, through the Make-A-Wish Foundation.” -Susan

“My family supports the Washington DC metro Capital Area Food Bank. The reason is quite simple - we just don’t want people to go hungry around the holidays and hope our donation helps others out, especially in the area where we live.” -Maciej

“Donating to the Dulles South Pantry is important to me because I feel my company and I have a moral obligation to take care of our less fortunate neighbors. DSP helps us build a community where we all want to live. A community where everyone is afforded a decent meal. No one should be left to suffer or endure extreme hardship.” -Rod

“My wife and I have adopted two dogs from The Humane Society and have loved them ever since. Without the Humane Society’s contributions, hundreds of dogs and cats that have graced the lives of me, my family, and my friends would never have been given a chance to live in happy, loving homes.” -Ryan

St. Jude is important to me because the money is used to fund research for curing childhood cancers. It’s challenging enough for children to understand the world around them, let alone what’s going on inside of them. St. Jude provides hope for their futures.” -Nida

Best wishes to all for a prosperous new year ahead.

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